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Full Description

Agungsari company is founded in early of 1990s. Starting from 2003, Dua Kuali (Agungsari’s brand for Indonesian spices and instant recipe products) is launched to answer the challenge of providing homey natural Indonesian dishes anywhere and instantly.

Indonesian dishes are unique and delicious, however some of these wonderful dishes need time to marinate or to prepare them thus they can’t be done instantly within minutes. In addition, most of Indonesian cuisines use common ingredients including herbs and spices that can be found easily and cheap in Indonesia but might not be available in other country or regional across the world.

Based on these facts, Agungsari tries to capture the niche market. Each pack of Bumbu Dua Kuali is made from natural and mostly are fresh ingredients, based on our authentic recipes and then processed traditionally yet hygienic, so we ensure that our taste is the closest to your favorite home-made Indonesian dishes.

Target Market
The target market of Dua Kuali is anyone who demands an instant Indonesian dishes yet natural and hygienic that can arouse the feeling of being home while they are away. And also targeted for small family or just-married-couple who need home-made Indonesian dishes ready within minutes when they got home after having a tough day in their office.
They simply need to follow the short direction on the back of each pack of Dua Kuali and Indonesian dishes will be ready within minutes in their dining table.

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