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The word “Kal ya na” came from sanskrit language that has the meaning “Adorable”. This name is in line with the history of batik which batik is King’s commodity of that period.

Kalyana bags are premium exclusive handmade bag made from Indonesia traditional fabrics, such as written batik, traditional handwoven (tenun and songket) fabrics one of a kind colour. Combined with selected premium leather, cow leather, lambskin and exotic skin (phyton, cobra and other water snakes). Every bag is hand made to perfection by the Indonesian finest craftsman.

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Taman Manyar Indah AB-10
Surabaya - 60118, INDONESIA

Telepon: 62 31 81000 601
HP: 62 821 32 7777 24
Fax: 62 31 599 9067
Email: info@kalyanabatik.com