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BrahmaniBatik is an exclusive ethnic clothing line where the main fabrics are all made of Batik. It was created in the beginning of 2010 by a young mother who had previously learned the beauty of Batik art, and then eventually decided to bring this incredible Indonesian true heritage into a twist of fashion (you can follow the founder’s twitter page to get in touch directly at any time).

Carrying “a mixture of ethnic and vintage cut” theme, BrahmaniBatik has a strong commitment of bringing good quality and fresh design in all of the collections. This ready to wear cloths, has a variety of motifs and prints from all of the beautiful and exotic places around Indonesia. The design from BrahmaniBatik reminds unique, which means that for each design is applied to no more than 5 pieces. We knew that women love being one of a kind.

BrahmaniBatik is constantly growing and has been well accepted by internet users around the globe (email for be a buyer request). We are all about heart and passion, that’s why we always try to give you more than just a customer support, but also by being good friends with our customer.

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Alamat: Permata Hijau II Blok F No. 1, Jakarta 12220
Telepon: 0878-8063-7762