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Sensus Metering Systems design, manufactures and supplies intelligent state of the art metering solutions to satisfy the needs of gas, energy and water utilities daily across the globe. Sensus metering systems europe, south and central america, mexico ,africa, asia pacific(ESAAP) plays a key role in this worldwide success.

sensus was created after the divesture from invensys in 2004,previous marques in the sensus heritage include renowned names such as Meinecke,Spanner Pollux, socam,premex,Eurometer,UGI,Contagua and BTR to name but a few. with the origins dating back over 150 years of metering (since 1843).

sensus metering systems is not only the world’s largest water meter manufacurer, but we are also the best. sensus supplies a full line of high-value products all over the globe. Our client are smart businessmen and women who understand the importance of accurate resource metering.

Quality, innovation and reliability are core in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, whether it be the small private plumber through to the multi utility customers we have within our client-base. sensus delivers the benefits of working with a global company where it counts,locally,with storefronts in over 20 countries across ESAAP.

Through an extensive network of wholly owned companies, partners,distributors and agents sensus supplies a portofolio of metering solutions which include residential water, heat and cooling; submetering water, heat and cooling; bulk water,heat an cooling; Fixed and mobile AMR Systems and a range of complimentary metering Services. Whatever the metering requirement, whether industrial, commercial or residential, Sensus Metering Systems provides supreme solutions as a way of life.

Sensus Metering Systems ESAAP-the measure of innovation.

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