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21 CCTV CAMERA SECURITY is an established company since the early millenium year 2000. We started humbly as a small shop in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since then, we manage to provide many security products, services and solutions to a very wide range of customers.

21 CCTV CAMERA SECURITY havegrown not only we serve locally, but also across the cities in Indonesia. This country is in fast need of security, with more than 240 million people across the world’s largest archipelagic state.

21 CCTV CAMERA SECURITY online presence started in late 2004 and has been growing daily to serve a wider audience. 21cctv.com (both offline and online) is now serving an all-in-one CCTV security and we are determined to be the market leader as a security provider in Indonesia.

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Mangga Dua Mall Lantai Dasar No.5A
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
Jakarta 10730 Indonesia

Tel: (+62-21) 612-6720 / 259-55-777
Fax : (+62-21) 612-8708
Email : cs@21cctv.com